4th September 2017

S A Finlay

A bit of a Scarlet Pimpernel. A notebook and pen carrying multi-lingual/redheaded/football fanatic/astrophysicist/geek/code-writer who likes: all knowledge that’s useful, cooking (especially with chilies), gin, science and contemporary fiction, working hard, and travelling. S/he once woke up in Paradise with an AK-47 to his/her head – but that’s another story.

Carnaval is S A Finlay’s first novel.

The next title will be Their Partial Selves, a series of interconnected stories, speculative fiction, inspired by the inside of the author’s head and a couple of great books recently read: Homo Deus and A Visit from the Goon Squad

S.A. Finlay’s books on Goodreads

Carnaval: A Wry Contemporary Mystery