Submissions Guide

A small independent English publishing house, established in 2018 to champion new writing, we are looking for new prose fiction – short stories or full-length novels – and poetry (full new collections only).

We would rather that ‘full-length’ meant no more than 80,000 words, but we are not doctrinaire about this: the best books are always approximately the right number of words.

The essential criterion is that the publisher should like the story and the writing and believe in their commercial potential.

WriteSideLeft is not one of those outfits that says yes to anything and then asks you for money: all our books are produced, marketed and distributed at the publisher’s expense, and we aim for net profits (if any: this is a risky business) to be split 50:50 with the author.

Any submission should be complete (no sample chapters; we need to see the thing as in itself it really is) and in Word or PDF.

The work should be emailed in the first instance to both our editors:

with ‘Submission’ as the subject line.

If this appeals, we look forward to hearing from you.