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#IFTTT AUDIOBOOK is published this week, narrated by Barney & Leo Goodall.

Write Side Left publishes across the generations, multifaceted writing freed from the pigeon-holing of genre. We want to engage, stimulate, challenge and entertain both hemispheres of our readers' minds...without prejudice to either.

Breaking Glass – POETRY – coming Nov 19

Vol ii of the posthumously published beautiful & important work of esteemed poet & Nazi Germany Jewish refugee – Beata Duncan

Go to States of Man – stories published Sept 19

States of Man – stories published Sept 19

To be a Man – how difficult can it be? A century of Man’s consciousness elegantly told in new stories by Gareth Cadwallader

Go to If This Then That

If This Then That

Stories of Unintended Consequences

Go to A role for Artists in Troubled Times

A role for Artists in Troubled Times

Five essays by an award-winning photographer

Go to A Good Man

A Good Man

A contemporary novel

Go to A Forgettable Man

A Forgettable Man

A lyrical psychological thriller

Go to Carnaval


A contemporary babyboomer satire