The short answer is: you know the voice when you’ve heard it.  Carnaval, the Audiobook has been approved and will go live next week. More about where and how to obtain it, soon.

What did we want to hear? Something ineffable: young, not too knowing, sincere, warm, caring, authenticity and generosity wrapped about a sense of curiosity who was able to deliver provincial accents, both male and female characters across a generation gap, and narrate a sense of place – London. We wanted the reader to assume the voice of the narrator of the novel, stamp his personality on it, interpret it. We even wanted to allow him to say or pronounce some things in his own way. It is his voice, his reading, after all. How he’s rendered it has been a constant surprise and revelation: he’s brought Carnaval to life. (Henry James was right about audibility.)

Many things: we just knew when we heard him, that he’d be right.

That narrator is Matt Milne. Some of you may remember/know him from Downton Abbey or War Horse and his other work in film shorts stage and voice work. I know him as Matt the Voice of Carnaval! 

You can find him, via us, or at ‘Audible’s’ production site here


Here he is, in anticipation of the launch of the book, being… Matt, in a short interview about the book.