In progress: our first genre-busting collection of short stories, a risky challenging experiment: we’ve asked young, older, mature and raw writers of any background, origin, orientation or belief to contribute a story (not necessarily conventionally told) that examines the sometimes unintended consequences of our attempts to connect with other human beings, whether loved ones or strangers. An attempt to collide Henry James with Edgar Allan Poe, Roald Dahl, Aldous Huxley through to Charlie Brooker (and any of your favourite writers down the years). We’ve never been better connected. And yet, our childhoods, our adulthood, our lives refuse to adhere to a logical protocol: If This Then That. Surely definitely? Or maybe not, after all! The more we try to connect, the harder we might fall. Whether melancholic, mysterious, funny, satirical, nostalgic, speculative, optimistic, dystopian or Arcadian, frightening, angry or simply wry close observations of the haphazard and randomness of moments of human lives: we look forward to assembling the collection and publishing it later this year.