We all do lists. Agendas. Hierarchies. Humans. Subsets, like writers, artists, wistful thinkers. Memoranda for survival: diaries, shopping lists…to-do lists. And often with attributed $£€ signs. Chaucer, Shakespeare, Austen, James, Waugh, EM Forster, Woolf, Marx (he seemed to think the imagination couldn’t exist without lucre), FS Fitzgerald, Martin Amis forwards […] They’re very convenient. And places that inspire us, where we live and work or might want to. Or not. Some set their high body-count mysteries, thrillers, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, romances in the big city; some set them in the sleepy countryside. Small wonder Big Sunday Supplements want to feed into that – of course with €$£s. Ironically: convenient for a short blog! Truthfully, you can write and paint and listen and film – anywhere