A Forgettable Man



Paced over seventeen tense hours, the clock is ticking. This is a thriller: the story of David, a rebellious perpetual outsider, an American photojournalist, targeted to become a martyr by revolutionary friends in a dysfunctional, immediately pre-Arab Spring, tin pot dictatorship.

As he confronts his likely demise he remembers the events and the driving forces that propelled him to here and now, in this desert hell he is desperately trying to escape:

His childhood - 17 years growing up in the American Midwest and his efforts to escape his unloving and hostile violent family and city. His young decision and ultimate adult mission to photograph what matters.

And the woman he met in Sarajevo at the beginning of the Bosnian War – his love-story.

A tense and physical struggle to cope with treachery, the discovery of lives and the one love lived through the refracted lens of its anguished hero… and his journey through political, intellectual, and artistic turmoil, towards a final possible redemptive acceptance,

A Forgettable Man is a search for what lies hidden beneath the stones.


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