A Forgettable Man: coming soon

  Writesideleft is delighted to have the opportunity to take under its umbrella the exquisite psychological thriller, A Forgettable Man, by award-winning filmmaker, photographer, writer & man of conscience, Robert Golden – we’ll be reprinting it & relaunching it in all formats worldwide imminently

Audiobooks & The Male

Here’s an extract of an interesting article in the press today that both affirms audiobook user habits gender-specifically and Writesideleft’s choice of a male narrator, specifically. ©Matthew Moore, The Times ( 9th April 2018) “Encouraging young men to read books for pleasure has long been a challenge for publishers. The solution, it seems, is to allow Read more about Audiobooks & The Male[…]

Lists, Big Ideas, Small Places

We all do lists. Agendas. Hierarchies. Humans. Subsets, like writers, artists, wistful thinkers. Memoranda for survival: diaries, shopping lists…to-do lists. And often with attributed $£€ signs. Chaucer, Shakespeare, Austen, James, Waugh, EM Forster, Woolf, Marx (he seemed to think the imagination couldn’t exist without lucre), FS Fitzgerald, Martin Amis forwards […] They’re very convenient. And Read more about Lists, Big Ideas, Small Places[…]

Stories 2018: a collaboration with citizens of everywhere

In progress: our first genre-busting collection of short stories, a risky challenging experiment: we’ve asked young, older, mature and raw writers of any background, origin, orientation or belief to contribute a story (not necessarily conventionally told) that examines the sometimes unintended consequences of our attempts to connect with other human beings, whether loved ones or strangers. An Read more about Stories 2018: a collaboration with citizens of everywhere[…]

‘When they speak we need to listen’

‘When they speak we need to listen,’ wrote Brasenose College Emeritus Fellow Bernard Richards in his essay: Henry James as Comic Writer: ‘literally listen – to experience the maximum response. This is entirely in line with a very important criterion that James recommended; the criterion of the audible in literature. It has often been recognised in Read more about ‘When they speak we need to listen’[…]

What is a Good Man? Or Is Mankind just Wonky?

Mindful of #metoo and the inevitable concise reflex question-answer, ‘define good?’ – let’s first remember that mann or man in its original Old English translates simply as human being. Quite often in the sense of a vassal or servant – someone who suffers or endures hardship then, historically, perhaps for the greater cause of God. Read more about What is a Good Man? Or Is Mankind just Wonky?[…]