What is a Good Man? Or Is Mankind just Wonky?

Mindful of #metoo and the inevitable concise reflex question-answer, ‘define good?’ – let’s first remember that mann or man in its original Old English translates simply as human being. Quite often in the sense of a vassal or servant – someone who suffers or endures hardship then, historically, perhaps for the greater cause of God. Read more about What is a Good Man? Or Is Mankind just Wonky?[…]

Carnaval reviews: What a drag! Ctrl C, Ctrl V, or drag & paste

Our friendly global behemoth Amazon will not cross-post reviews across different Amazon websites .com .co .au .ca &c Kind reviewers & advocates who are minded to post reviews may do so if they have either the patience to keep hitting ‘paste’ & they have spent £40 or equivalent at the friendly behemoth. Bloggers may request free Read more about Carnaval reviews: What a drag! Ctrl C, Ctrl V, or drag & paste[…]

look inside

You can take a 20% lookinside↵ (indeedy) the curious mayhem -ic world of both Carnaval and that friendly behemoth Amazon now…not forgetting the smaller equally friendly creatures in the word-world, of course.

Carnaval’s Name-Day. Now published!

Publication date! Carnaval’s title and content were partially inspired by Robert Schumann’s Op 9 aka Carnaval: 21 delightful & cryptic solo piano pieces representing masked revellers at, yes, a Carnival. If you want to know more, then you can read about it here.  Music is surely the most abstract of the arts ( I mean: what’s Read more about Carnaval’s Name-Day. Now published![…]

their partial selves

Some get mended; some undergo a total upgrade–depends what they can afford and how comfortable they are in their own skins. Aspects of their wonky flawed selves–sorted. Some look their original age; some look a lot younger. And they might have met before. They’re all a bit partial. Here they are, colliding across the years.